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Transformers" is clearly a scientific and technological content with the full movie. Many experts have calculated, each rendering a Mulberry Sale CG image of a "Transformers" (Part I), Mulberry Factory Shop the special effects company Industrial Light and Magic need spend 38 hours rendering, with broken an increasing for the "Lord for the Rings". 2002 Mulberry Outlet was Weitaweita studio liable for effects produced "Lord of your Rings: Mulberry Outlet The 2 Towers," an increasing of 20 hours per frame rendering record.  p>

"Transformers" is a scientific and technological content within the film. Because students from the third "Transformers" Michael Bay has given approach to the robot's degree of Mulberry Handbags technology because of the stage that outrageous. From the first "Transformers", our weapons is also tough damage the robot did. Into the third part, an ordinary sniper rifle can be blinded Decepticon eyes, even casually by way of bomb could Mulberry Factory Shop expand the foot from the Transformers. 

It will besides cast doubt over the Optimus Prime to stay in the global so-called protection of human of course you will find there's bit of a reasonable existence. But will also directly produces a contradiction, this technical volume of intelligent beings, whether have traveled to Earth. Along with much more Qian Kun Da Nuo black hole to leap high-tech. 

Therefore, this may not be a truth-movies. Considering that the discussion of this "Transformers" producer and director Michael Bay, Michael Bay, the film can be described as "stupid toy movie". Is there a toy movie? Mean that the whole shebang of Michael Bay students that very robot is simply too boring. 

Therefore we see, "Transformers" Trilogy, Transformers, simply foil, the true role of the planet. Optimus Prime, Part III, and in some cases death-defying combat isn't as good for the reason that heroine of some "calumny." 

Michael Bay, on the contrary, although Transformers movie right into a non-toy, human scenes, however the Mulberry Sale background story of your film took place present day, can not make unreasonable enhancement of human technology, and the rest and slow up the machine IQ and technical level, one way to go. 

We should again look at the story of this origin below the Transformers: 

Ten million long ago, five face within the universe for Mulberry Online intelligent life strange construction of a planet - Sai Botan (of Cybertron) inside universe, in the world, Quintessons built your personal computer to facilitate their unique manufacturing core within the planet - the special moment of God ball. Is undoubtedly this planet offers established two production lines - military and Mulberry Online civilian. The robot produced on two production lines later the ancestors belonging to the Transformers. 

Magic god ball in Quintessons program isn't any thought, there isn't really good and evil and equipment, a similar capacity cannot exceed Quintessons, is unable to create their particular robots, even so you can run five face strange procedure to offer a whole body of independent awareness program. Quintessons "God the ball of the" magic "magic god sequel on the ball - Flight CPIC" 

The same period, another the wisdom organic life within the universe - the Supreme Taijun, come up with the universe, the truly amazing (Unicon). It's a mechanical life go on to devour the planet. Deformation in the form of huge planet, the identical ball with the magic of God, only has the capacity of transformation, you don't have power to create. Only within the original body transformation. "Supreme Taijun" Transformers Movie " 

11 million a long time ago, the robot slaves on Saiboteen A3 (Trion), led because of the military and civilian robot together eliminating Mulberry Handbags Quintessons, overturned the Quintessons rule to win freedom. Before Quintessons force the slave symbols, they popularized get to be the mark of car people. Ushered within the golden era in Saiboteen. Years window Quintessons 

Ten million years ago Saiboteen military robots unite contention Saiboteen the leadership on the conflict with the civilian robot. (These belonging to the Baidu Encyclopedia) 

Quintessons and Unicron will be the beginning of that grand narrative, the original source of science. If ever the story takes place on Cybertron, probably robot will again use a true standard of technology and science. Perhaps it will have a version of this toy version belonging to the "Transformers" within the minds of some people's plans. Autobots and Decepticons just as before end up being the protagonist of "Transformers".


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